Wallflower No More

So here I am in the blog dance at last.


Just tell me, are my blog name and design okay? Are you sure? Really? Really, really sure?

Um…can I just hold on to you for a second while I get started? Thanks.

Here we go, here we go…

WAIT. What’s that over there? Is that a spammer? I knew this would happen, I just knew it. That’s it, I quit!

What do you mean, it isn’t one? Are you sure? Are you sure? Alright, I’ll stay a bit longer.

Here we go, here we go…


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16 responses to “Wallflower No More

  1. susie wilde

    Happy birthday Monica and congrats on a great beginning…I love names, blogs, graphics all of it…a tremendous start!


  2. …here we go! Congratulations on entering blogdom, dear Monica. I love the design—I am assuming they are your own illustrations (which makes me wild with jealousy).

    And yes, I’m very happy!

    Calloo Callay!


  3. Micki

    Love the name- and the look is terrific! I’ve already added this to my “favorite places’. It will be another wonderful place to visit when I am procrastinating!
    Lots of luck, and I know you will keep up the great work.


  4. What a frabjous day, Monica!


  5. Welcome to the blogosphere, from another fairly recent entrant. The blog looks great, and I’m subscriging with Bloglines as we speak. But beware, this whole blog thing can become addictive…


  6. Brava! Huzzah! and happy birthday to you.


  7. Welcome! I love your T.S. Eliot takeoff! Here’s to fun in the blogosphere!



  8. I’m so glad you finally joined us, Monica! Hooray!!


  9. susan patron

    Refreshing, rich, and compelling. Congratulations!

    By the way, may I please steal “effanineffable”? It’s gorgeous!


  10. I will be sure to add this to my feedreader… I love your posts to the listserv and look forward to the posts on your blog as well!


  11. Welcome to the Blogging Dance, Monica… As you’ve been warned, it’s darned addictive, but I’ll add that it’s OK to occasionally miss a day or more !!


  12. I wade through a great deal at Child_Lit to find your posts!
    Hooray for one stop clicking now!



  13. Lee

    Definitely a big welcome from one of my favourite Adbookians!


  14. Oh happy day — both to you for your birthday, and to us, your lucky readers! Wonderful T. S. Eliot post, too.


  15. Jeffrey Canton

    A wonderful new addition to the world of children’s literature!


  16. Connie

    Hurray for your Alicious and jellicle blog! Looing forward to more . . .


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