As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m a huge fan of His Dark Materials. Thanks to Jurren at adbooks, I’ve just come across some very tantalizing photos of the film production here.

Philip Pullman has also just written about his visit to the production in his October message at his website.

Lastly, a good site for following all things His Dark Materials is bridgetothestars.



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3 responses to “Some HIS DARK MATERIALS Tidbits

  1. Monica, have you come across Laurie Frost’s encyclopaedic “The Elements of His Dark Materials” ? Laurie kindly sent me a copy to review, but there’s a preliminary mention of it on my Blog.


  2. I’ve heard about it (Philip is most enthused), but have not seen it as yet.


  3. Yes, Philip wrote the foreword for it – and said he uses it as a ref. for his current book – terribly handy ! I’ve barely started reading it yet but I’ll post a review in due course on my Blog if you or anyone else is interested.


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