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The Mary Sue Project

Lelac Almagor, a 5th grade English teacher at the National Cathedral School for Girls in Washington, D.C., has a terrific article about a writing activity she does with her students in the new Horn Book Magazine. And it is available for free online right here!

We met on child_lit and then in person when Lelac visited my school to observe my lesson annotating Charlotte’s Web. It is such a delight to meet someone like Lelac, a classroom teacher doing smart, creative teaching with children’s literature. In this article she describes a unit where her students have to write themselves into a work of literature. I’m now trying to figure out if my 4th graders are ready to do it (as it does require a fairly sophisticated ability to identify a particular writer’s style and then imitate it) and, if so, where and when I could stick it into my already-very-full curriculum. But if I was teaching older students, I’d do it in a second! A very, very cool lesson indeed.


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We interrupt this blog for a public service announcement

For those who have asked for a feed link, I think I finally did it! See that little orange icon way at the bottom over on the right (below the label “subscribe to the educating alice feed)? That’s it! Or so wordpress tells me. If it doesn’t work, please let me know so I can fix it.

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