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Kid Reviews on Amazon

Last Friday Fuse#8 visited my classroom and gave us a fantastic overview of amazon.com reviewing. (She is currently one of their top 100 reviewers.) At the end, she helped us polish and post a review for Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, a book I’d recently finished reading aloud. (In case you want to read it, our review, “The Unknown Flat” was posted on December 15th.)

As a follow-up, this week my students have been writing their own amazon reviews on books they had previously written about in journal letters to their classmates. Throughout, I have wanted them to think about audience — going from writing journal letters to an audience of one (me), to an audience of 18 (their classmates and me), and now to an audience of of unknown size.

Tremendously inspired by Ms. Fuse’s presentation, my students have been following her lead by first drafting their reviews in MSWord and, after revising and polishing them, posting them on amazon.com. If anyone reading this blog would like to view them, here are the books they are reviewing as the children are eager to see if anyone will comment or otherwise indicate that they found the reviews helpful. (I will update this post as the reviews become available on amazon.)

X’s review of Framed, dated December 18th, is titled “Art and Crime.”

H’s review of Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism, posted on December 19th, is titled, “The Molly Moon Adventure.”

L’s review of Molly Moon Stops the World, posted on December 19th, is titled, “Stopping the World.”

A’s review of Alabama Moon, dated December 20th, is titled, “Alabama Moon.”

C’s review of Ella Enchanted, dated December 20th, is titled, “Eall Enchanted.” (The title typo is my fault — my apologies — it is a great review, please read it!)

M’s review of Pish Posh , dated December 19th, is titled, “Spoiled is all she is.”

J’s review of Airborn, dated December 19th, is titled, “Amazing and Exciting.”

A’s review of Eager, dated December 18th, is titled, “21st.”

B’s review of Shredderman, dated December 20th, is titled “Shredin Shredderman.”

O’s review of So B. It, dated December 20th, is titled, “Sad, yet Thrilling So B. It.”

E’s review of The Road to the Majors, dated December 20th, is titled, “The Big Road.”

M’s review of Drift House, dated December 22nd, is titled, “A Crooked House.”

S’s review of Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger, dated January 9th, is titled, “Wayside School.”

O’s review of Eragon, dated January 9th, is titled, “From a Kid to a Rider.”

F’s review of The Sea of Monsters, dated January 9th, is titled “The Sea of Monsters.”

S’s review of Pippi Longstocking, dated January 9th, is titled, “The book Pippi Longstocking is a pretty funny book.”

Z’s review of Peter and the Starcatchers, dated January 9th, is titled, “The Mysterious Star Stuff.”



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