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Daniel Radcliffe’s Johnny

The second season of the HBO series Extras is underway with a very hilarious episode this past Sunday featuring none other than the very-randy Daniel Radcliffe. The creator and star of the show is Ricky Gervais who also created the original BBC series, The Office. Extras is about the movie business; each episode involves dour Andy (Gervais’s character) and his close friend Maggie working as extras on a movie. Like The Office this series is parody that is very close to real life — one minute you think they are over the top, the next you are squirming with discomfort, and still the next you are feeling unbearably sad for Andy or Maggie.

In this episode Radcliffe is starring in an adventure/fantasy as some sort of overgrown Eagle Scout. Hilariously he comes on to thirty-something Maggie in the most arrogant-celebrity-adolescent way you can imagine. There are many wonderful scenes, but I think my favorite is his etiquette lesson with Dame Diana Rigg. And someone put them, where else, on YouTube here. Enjoy!

On the show’s website you can vote on “Who has a better chance of doing it with a girl, intercourse-wise?” My choice is definitely Radcliffe in a scout uniform!

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