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Get your Golden Compass Toys Here!

Well actually not here and not right now, but they are on their way. A whole bunch of prototypes were on display by manufacturer Corgi, with dollar signs in their eyes, at the recent Toy Fair here in New York.

At this site (when it is not down as it suddenly seems to be) you can see photos of the armoured bears’ palace, gyrocopters, action figures Lyra, Pan, Mrs. Coulter, the golden monkey, and someone else (maybe Roger?), what appears to be a cuddly Iorek, (from a collection of “plush 18″ electronic talking bears”), a rather cheap looking alethiometer, some aww-aren’t-they-cute plush daemons (including the golden monkey), some that even transform, and a not-cuddly-at-all spy-fly (at least that is what I think it is).

Thanks to bridgetothestars for the heads-up. (And if the site is still down, here is an article where the toys are mentioned to read while you wait for it to be available again.)



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