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Writer in (Bed) Residence

Sometimes I get back into my pyjamas to write. The pillows here are amazing and the bed linen very luxurious. I use a Pilot fine pen and exercise books — children send them to me. In a small book you can write what looks like a lot very quickly.

from A Life in the Day: Michael Morpurgo

In my experience, writer-in-resident programs are at institutions. For example, Sam Swope, author of The Araboolies of Liberty Street, Jack and the Seven Deadly Giants and other books, was writer-in-residence at the Thurber House and DM Cornish, author of Monster Blook Tattoo is currently one at insideadog. However former Children’s Laureate Michael Morpurgo has them beat. He is currently writer-in-residence at a hotel, London’s posh Savoy Hotel, to be exact. They give him pillows and he gives them ….well, that part of the bargain doesn’t sound too bad either: tea and conversation with Judith Kerr, for instance. Read more here.


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