Philip Pullman at the Oxford Literary Festival

I’m a busy, busy poster today for a change! (Can you guess that I’m just starting two weeks of spring break? Sadly it is no vacation for me as I’m using it to prepare for my online graduate fairy tale course, work on the 2007 NCBLA list, and read, read, and read some more for Newbery.) Anyway, thanks to BridgeToTheStars for providing a link to Seastina’s report on yesterday’s panel “Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass: From Book to Film” at the Sunday Times -Oxford Literary Festival.

Here’s a particularly intriguing tidbit from Seastina’s report:

When asked what The Book of Dust will be about, he said, “Uh, it’s about Dust.” Nice. Elaborating, he said that Lyra is, in fact, the main character, and that she will be older than she was in Lyra’s Oxford. He implied that some other familiar characters will be present as well, though no specific mention of Will…. Anyway, he said he’s well into it but expects that it will be a very lengthy work. He estimates two years until publication.


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  1. I’m sulking at missing this talk and Philip’s talk about “The Ruby In the Smoke” at this year’s Festival. It’s no blooming fun being broke in Oxford !!


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