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POD and Newbery

Thanks to lowebrow who directed me to this post on the future of print-on-demand publishing. It intrigued me because I’ve already received some self-published Newbery submissions, something a former member of the committee told me was quite rare her year. She surmised, and I think she had a point, that it is far easier today to self-publish and then get such books promoted, sold, and read more widely than before. Now I’m a big fan of the established publishers and love/admire/respect all they do, but I admit that I also think it would be kind of neat for a self-published/POD book to come out of nowhere and win the Newbery. (No promises, folks, no promises!!! Pure speculation on my part.)



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Our Holocaust

Following up on yesterday’s post, Our Holocaust is a memoir for adults by Israeli Amir Gutfreund, the child of Holocaust survivors. While I grew up in small Southern and Midwestern communities where we were usually the only such family, Gutfreund had a very different experience. You can read an excerpt here and a longer one here.

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