POD and Newbery

Thanks to lowebrow who directed me to this post on the future of print-on-demand publishing. It intrigued me because I’ve already received some self-published Newbery submissions, something a former member of the committee told me was quite rare her year. She surmised, and I think she had a point, that it is far easier today to self-publish and then get such books promoted, sold, and read more widely than before. Now I’m a big fan of the established publishers and love/admire/respect all they do, but I admit that I also think it would be kind of neat for a self-published/POD book to come out of nowhere and win the Newbery. (No promises, folks, no promises!!! Pure speculation on my part.)



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2 responses to “POD and Newbery

  1. Lee

    I’ve been very reluctant to undertake POD myself, but have been recently given some more thought to the idea, particularly because I’ve been asked a number of times for a ‘hard copy’ of my novel. The marketing aspect is very daunting, but whatever I ultimately decide to do, I think it’s wise to keep an eye on the POD technology with regard to future business models for publishing.


  2. Lee

    Whoops – sorry for typo. Trigger finger! Of course I mean ‘have been recently giving more thought…’


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