Much Ado About Something: The Campaign to Save Book Reviews

There’s been a lot of discussion on blogs lately of book reviews — where they are published (e.g. newspaper, literary print journal, literary electronic journal, personal blog, or something else), who they are for (e.g. librarian considering what to purchase for a collection, a person looking for a book for herself, a parent looking for books for his child, etc), and so much more.

Recent changes in newspapers’ commitment to book reviewing caused the National Book Critics Circle to initiate A Campaign to Save Book Reviews. They’ve had a number of people weigh in on their blog, defending newspaper book reviews. They’ve also received criticism that their focus on print publications is a slap in the face to blogs. And so today, they have a post on their blog responding to this.

There is such a paradigm shift going on at this point with the resulting tensions fascinating and understandable. Who knows how it will all fall out?



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2 responses to “Much Ado About Something: The Campaign to Save Book Reviews

  1. Hello. Just wanted to let you know that your link directing to the “post” on the Critical Mass blog actually takes one to the NBCC website.


  2. Thanks! All fixed now.


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