Owls, Stamps, and (who else) Harry

Would someone explain to me what the big deal is about the forthcoming Harry Potter stamps? (Other than the Royal Mail doing a splendid job promoting them, of course; that I get.) I mean, how many kid readers use stamps anyway? Are they writing letters by the gazillions these days? Is stamp collecting still a hot hobby? (And does the intended audience of the final Harry Potter book — kids, that is —- even talk about hobbies or is that a word for us ancients?)


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4 responses to “Owls, Stamps, and (who else) Harry

  1. Don’t know about kids and stamps, but Harry Potter has a tremendous adult fanbase, so the stamps make sense to me, though I dislike movie characters on a stamp. Bad enough you can’t buy any toys without t.v. characters on them these days.


  2. Diane

    My kids collect stamps with great eagerness, but don’t greatly like Harry Potter!


  3. Wendy, the stamps feature the UK book covers, so no need to fret on that score…

    Monica, I hope you don’t mind, I’ve just tagged you for a meme on my Blog !


  4. Genevieve

    My kiddo loves to get special stamps (recently, the superhero and kids’ lit ones) and we use them on his thank-you notes at his birthday and Hanukkah.

    He’d love the HP ones, but since we can’t use them in the U.S., I’m unlikely to buy them. I will get the Star Wars ones, though.


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