Sigh, blissfully.

My absolutely favorite film when a disaffected and alienated teen is finally out on DVD. This is Lindsay Anderson‘s If…., the partly realistic and partly surreal story of a group of young (and incredibly beautiful) boys rebelling in a 1960s British boarding school. Anderson was inspired by Jean Vigo’s 1933 film Zero de Conduite, also a surreal view of a boarding school rebellion.


The year If…. came out I went to see it over and over and over. I bought (and still have) the screenplay. I bought (and still have in a closet) the Missa Luba — the African mass the main character Mick plays over and over compulsively.

… and I also fell madly in love with the actor who played Mick, one Malcolm Mcdowell.


Sigh again.

I’m dashing out shortly to see if my local video store has it so I can take it along to watch on the train to DC and to wave it at everyone I see so they will know to get it too. Oh, and if there is anyone interested in joining my Malcolm Mcdowell If…. Fan Club, let me know (as I will then email you a membership card). So far it is just me (president) and Brenda Bowen (member number two).



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11 responses to “If….

  1. Ben

    Can I be member number 3?


  2. Done. Who wants to be member number 4?


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  4. Mortdecai

    I’m number four. I hope. Marvellous!


  5. Five is my lucky number (O Lucky Man) but as a matter of full disclosure I’d be a Malcolm McDowell fan for any of a half dozen of his early movies, Including If… Hopefully that doesn’t disqualify me.


  6. No, David, it sure doesn’t. I mean, there are surely Malcolm McDowell Clockwork Orange Fan Clubs (and if not I can only say humph) as well as ones for him in so much else.

    Five; wow! And the boys outnumber the girls so far.


  7. Thanks for the news about *If*. It’s one of those films that stuck with me, and I’ve only seen it once (back in the 1970s, I think). I added it to my Netflix list today.


  8. I was a BIG fan of MM back in the day. Even sat through Britannia Hospital. But O Lucky Man… and Helen Mirren towards the end.


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  10. Crikey, I remember this movie. I have it on VHS some place in fact, but haven’t seen it since we moved house a number of years ago. What a cracker.

    Also, isn’t that the same guy who was in Clockwork Orange? What a fabulous (but very messed up) film that was.

    – Mike
    Carl Zeiss Binoculars


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