The Magic Moment

According to Lev Grossman and Andrea Sachs in their Times Magazine article, “Harry Potter and the Sinister Spoilers,” the magic moment is how Arthur Levine and his colleagues at Scholastic describe the instant when a reader first opens a particular book and begins to read. After reading the piece I can only say that James Bond and MI5 were given a run for their money by Scholastic as they edited, printed, and prepared for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows , doing everything they could to keep that magic moment sacred for as many readers as possible.

I’m feeling pretty mellow about this final book release. In fact, I’m even considering going to one of those parties which I’ve never done before. (I’m a very early-to-bed person and not much of a fan of crowds.) In my next series of posts: my memories of previous releases.

Thanks to Cheryl Klein (now a Lois Lane look-a-like according to “The Saga of the Seventh Manuscript”) for the heads-up.

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