Remembering Harry: A Comic Experience

I just got a new computer and spent the last week at school playing with some software I hadn’t tried before including the very fun Comic Life. Of course, I’m still playing! (Pardon the cut-off lines and at least one very awkward line — too hard to edit these once they’ve been exported.)













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6 responses to “Remembering Harry: A Comic Experience

  1. KT Horning

    Very funny, Monica! But what are you doing wearing a coat in July?

    I hadn’t realized that the first two volumes of the British editions were out for so long before the first volume came out in America.

    What an incredible responsibility Rowling must feel to her readers to live up to all of our expectations with an ending that will satisfy everyone.


  2. Nah, that is a photo from Seattle in January:)

    I have a lot of respect for Rowling managing to sustain this for so long.


  3. KT Horning

    By the way, that’s pretty cool comics software you’ve got now.Do you have plans to use it in your classroom?


  4. Yes! I’m going to have the kids do the Alice project with it and post their work on their blogs. It is going to be so cool!


  5. Reblogged this on educating alice and commented:

    It being the twenty year anniversary of the Harry Potter books, I’ve been invited to be part of a panel at ALA featuring Brian Selznick (Sunday at 12 at the Pop Stage). This made me look back at my many HP posts. Here’s a favorite:


  6. Annette Goldsmith

    I love this, Monica! Fresh and funny! And of course it brings back my memories too. I’ll check out Comic Life as well. Annette


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