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Remembering Harry: My Ending (Scar or No Scar)

Two years ago I wrote the following on child_lit:

On 7/26/05, Monica Edinger <monicaedinger at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay, apparently the last word of the last book is “scar.” So how
> about some attempts to write the last paragraph? (I figured those who
> love the books and those who hate them might both have fun with this!)
> Monica

“I guess it is up to us now, “said Ron blithely as the three looked out at the smoking ruin that had been Hogwarths. ” What do you think, Hermione? Three houses this time — Weasley, Potter, and Granger? But what about the sorting?”

Hermione just smiled and stayed uncharacteristically silent while Harry slowly raised his bad arm to his hat. “Here,” he said softly. “Why don’t we use this?”

As the sun began to rise the three raised their wands toward the hat, a bit torn and battered, just like they were. “And let’s give it a new name — Potter’s Scar.”

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Remembering Harry: The Potterologist’s Perspective.

Dubbed a Potterologist by Time Magazine, Cheryl Klein, continuity editor of the books, was on Talk of the Nation yesterday talking about the various ways she sees to it the books are consistent not to mention that “… everything is spelled correctly in Harry’s magical world.” The show should be available here soon.

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