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Remembering Harry: Satisfied (No Spoiler Whatsoever)

Just finished. Could have done so yesterday, but I did not want to finish it late at night and then lie awake unable to sleep (something that often happens to me).

I wondered too if we’d want to talk about it when it was all over. But, yes. Yes, indeed.

And by the way, the annoying adverbs and overuse of certain words I’ve commented upon on occasion— lost in the intensity of everything else. The woman truly knows how to pace, create tension, create memorable scenes, characters, and more. It was tremendous fun to be so lost in that world for the last 40 hours or so. And I was really lost. Well done, Ms. Rowling, well done.


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Remembering Harry: A Big Pile of Paper

Lovely Nightline segment featuring Cheryl Klein: Profile of a Potterologist.

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