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Remembering Harry: And the Beatles

I know, I know. Way too many Harry Potter posts. I’ll get over it in another week or so, I’m sure. Bear with me, till then.

Anyway, I really liked Lisa Holton’s take on the last few days (from a Scholastic press release):

“The excitement, anticipation, and just plain hysteria that came over the entire country this weekend was a bit like the Beatles’ first visit to the U.S.”, stated Lisa Holton, Chief Muggle, Scholastic (aka President, Scholastic Trade and Book Fairs). “This weekend kids and adults alike are sitting on buses, in the park, on airplanes and in restaurants reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The conversations the readers have been waiting to have for 10 years have just begun.”

We keep trying to say nothing has ever been like this or try to link it to something else bookish like Dickens or filmish like Star Wars. (Roger Sutton, in the comments of this post of his, impishly spills the beans about a nameless movie of some years ago.) But I think the Beatles analogy is an excellent one in terms of the fan frenzy.

I was in 6th grade when the Beatles came and was completely disgusted by the fuss. I remember going to a sleepover where they played “She Loves You” over and over and over and over….till I was about to scream. I thought the girls (and it was all girls) were stupid and decided I would have nothing to do with the Beatles….and didn’t till The White Album years later. It had nothing to do with whether I liked them or not, but because I couldn’t stand the insanity. Given that I’m such a reader (and fantasy lover) there is no way I’d have been able to resist Harry Potter at that age. However, I suspect I’d have been a little snot about the frenzy and done something lame like gone off to some sort of small alternative thing.

But I’m not a little snot now and enjoyed my Harry Potter weekend tremendously. “She Loves You” ain’t so bad either.


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