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Remembering Harry: After the End

Every day there is more and more to learn about the Potterverse (did I get that right?). For years there were the fan sites, fan fiction, and the movies which all stretched and expanded the original books in inventive ways.

I read book seven the day after seeing movie five. And I did notice when the descriptions of characters deviated from what I had just seen on the screen. Recently Rick Riordan wrote, “One thing I had trouble with (which has nothing to do with the book): for the first time as I read a Harry Potter book, I could not get the images of the movie actors out of my head. I kept seeing Daniel, Emma and Rupert – which I didn’t really want. Before, I’d always formed my own images of what the characters looked like, but the movies are just too hard to ignore.”

Now, most fascinating to me, we’ve got Rowling herself answering questions here and there about what happened to her beloved characters after the end. And she says she can’t wait for the theme park due to open soon in Florida.

So the story about the Boy Who Lived has gone out into the world in a way unlike any I can think of before. I mean, when has an author done what Rowling has done the last week or so? I’m not faulting her at all; I think it is great fun to hear what she, their creator, knows happened to all of them (although her speaking of them in the present tense is a tad odd). But it seems just so unusual.

What with two more movies to go and the theme park not to mention Rowling’s encyclopedia, the evolution of Harry Potter into a unique narrative continues. Blimey!, as Ron would say.

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Crossing Literary Borders

I just came across a wonderful series called “Crossing Cultural Borders” at Shen’s Blog by writer and poet Emily Jiang. For six weeks (July 16th – August 24th) Emily is investigating, exploring, considering, and thinking hard about this topic in a range of ways. Totally excellent! (Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I saw mention of this or I’d give credit where credit is due.)

Here’s Emily’s schedule (with links to completed posts):

Week 1 (starting 7/16) –Stranger in a Strange Land: Americans Traveling to Other Cultures
Week 2 (starting 7/23) – Re-landscaping the Hero’s Journey: The Connection Between Fantasy Stories and Multicultural Literature
Week 3 (starting 7/30) – Becoming American: Immigration Stories
Week 4 (starting 8/6) – The Hyphenated American Experience: Voices of Americans Who Look Like “The Other”
Week 5 (starting 8/13) – Writing What You Don’t Know: Creating Characters and Stories Outside of One’s Ethnicity and Culture
Week 6 (starting 8/20) – The Future

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