Crossing Literary Borders

I just came across a wonderful series called “Crossing Cultural Borders” at Shen’s Blog by writer and poet Emily Jiang. For six weeks (July 16th – August 24th) Emily is investigating, exploring, considering, and thinking hard about this topic in a range of ways. Totally excellent! (Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I saw mention of this or I’d give credit where credit is due.)

Here’s Emily’s schedule (with links to completed posts):

Week 1 (starting 7/16) –Stranger in a Strange Land: Americans Traveling to Other Cultures
Week 2 (starting 7/23) – Re-landscaping the Hero’s Journey: The Connection Between Fantasy Stories and Multicultural Literature
Week 3 (starting 7/30) – Becoming American: Immigration Stories
Week 4 (starting 8/6) – The Hyphenated American Experience: Voices of Americans Who Look Like “The Other”
Week 5 (starting 8/13) – Writing What You Don’t Know: Creating Characters and Stories Outside of One’s Ethnicity and Culture
Week 6 (starting 8/20) – The Future

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  1. Hi Monica! Thanks for featuring Crossing Cultural Borders and commenting at Shen’s. Love your Harry Potter posts!


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