The Little White Horse

I reread Elizabeth Goudge’s The Little White Horse a few years ago (curious after reading that it was a childhood favorite of J. K. Rowling’s) and loved it.  It was my childhood copy so I must have read it then, but I didn’t remember it at all.  Now it is being made into a movie and Dakota Blue Richards who plays Lyra in the forthcoming Golden Compass movie has just been cast as the lead.


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4 responses to “The Little White Horse

  1. Jane L. Hyde

    Oh! Wow! I loved this book as an older child, and I can still recite the poem. I also loved Smokey House and, best next to TLWH, The Valley of Song becausew i tinvolved a boatyard and the constellations of the Zodiac.


  2. I also reread my childhood copy a few years ago too. I loved the humor and the descriptions of food.

    I never knew another person who had read this book until I heard JKR talk about it in the early days. I always felt a bond with her because of this book.

    The movie better get Maria’s bedroom right. The image of her bedroom with silver stars on the ceiling has been my ideal ever since.


  3. I was doubtful about the whole movie thing, but I just came across a picture of Dakota Blue Richards looking exactly like how Maria is described, and am now more hopefull. I put it up on my blog.

    I also hope they get the room right! It’s my favorite fictional bedroom.


  4. Karen

    I really love this book,That’s soo beautiful.


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