Poor Pooh


A Trans-Atlantic Dust-Up That Never Seems to End in Ms. Fuse #8‘s place of work.


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3 responses to “Poor Pooh

  1. Love that good Kiwi commonsense at the end. I must admit I think the WtP toys are a national treasure and belong back in the UK. But I’m not going to be pounding the table either.

    I’m in NZ so have no vested interest either way. I just feel some things are so intrinsically connected to a landscape (social and physical) that they should be there in perpetuity.


  2. I was always particularly fond of the Yank who wrote, “We’ll send Pooh back when you send back the Elgian Marbles.” Thanks for letting me know about this! Don’t nobody tell me nuthin’.


  3. I’m proud to say that I worked at the Central Children’s Room while the original bruhaha was going on. It was lots and lots of fun. It was interesting that the day Giuliani came for a special press conference and storytime was the day it was announced he wanted to cut 41 million from the library budget. When a reporter asked him about it, Giuliani replied, “This is neither the time nor the place.”


    Thanks so much to Gwyneth Dunwoody, MP, for making the Central Children’s Room a stopping point for tourists long after the original controversy faded.


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