Pronouncing Author and Illustrator Names

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible at pronouncing names correctly.  I truly think I’m challenged phonetically. For example, to this day I cannot remember which is a soft g and which is a hard g.  Of course it makes spelling hard not to mention teaching spelling!

So when it comes to authors and illustrators I’m often at sea and fumble their names all the time.  Fortunately here is Teaching Books to the rescue!  They’ve got this terrific page where you can hear exactly how to pronounce the names of many authors and illustrators.

Teaching Books’  “… mission is to generate enthusiasm for books and reading by bringing authors, illustrators and engaging resources about books for children and teens to every school, library and home.”  To use the whole site you need  a site license which is very reasonably priced for schools.  It is rich with excellent materials; I recommend it highly.

Thanks to Leda Schubert who posted the link on child_lit.


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2 responses to “Pronouncing Author and Illustrator Names

  1. hope

    oh, do you think they might expand this to include character names?


  2. VWB

    I can testify to the worthiness of this resource…we have had it for 2-3 years and it is so helpful, useful, and entertaining on many levels…the author interview videos are great!

    and very easy to work with…contact them about your wish about character names.


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