In the Classroom: First Group Presentations about The Arrival


This morning I read aloud Avi and C.B. Mordan’s Silent Movie. This book beautifully links The Arrival to Charlie Chaplin’s early movies (which I’m also showing now to the class) as well as to the various early immigration images and documents we’ve been considering.

A bit later we came together again and each group presented what they’d discovered about the first section of The Arrival before going off in their groups to study the next section. Here’s the podcast of the children’s presentations:



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3 responses to “In the Classroom: First Group Presentations about The Arrival

  1. This really is great to listen to. It’s interesting, though, that the children did not comment on the condition of their belongings: how the teapot (tea cup) is cracked and the place looks shabby, to indicate perhaps poverty due to the “lurking evil.” It’s also interesting that my immediate reaction to the first pictures was how the man seems very Asian (and the paper folding crane also seems to indicate such heritage) and yet the children did not discuss that at all. It’s similar to their somewhat “blindness” to my Chinese-ness vs. my very Jewish last name — at this age, most of them, unless specifically questioned, find nothing uncommon with such combination. So glad that you’re sharing the presentations!


  2. Thanks, fairrosa, for commenting. It is tricky, I’m finding, to not want to step in as they read the book and point this sort of thing out. I’m trying to only do so when they seem to be frustrated. Some are very literal still and having a hard time with the surreal imagery. I’ve urged them to consider it as they do an abstract painting, to not get hung up on realness.


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