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What Do Terry Pratchett and John Ruskin…

have in common?

Hint #1: I just noticed this in Pratchett’s latest book, Making Money, but it evidently also appeared in The Truth (which I read long before this blog existed and don’t remember well at all, sadly).

Hint #2: Is here.

Attempted answers in the comments, please!



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One week in September

The Guardian asked “14 public figures” to keep diaries for a week in September including Mrs. Peel, politicians, actors, artists, a very wealthy man, a model, and one children’s literature luminary.  As an extra treat they’ve also provided some excerpts from a few dead poets’ and artists’ diaries.  (Thanks to bridgetothestars for the link.)

One week in September | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited

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I only wish I had more time to spend at this wonderful online conference. As regular readers of this blog know, I’m smittened with Web 2.0 and am eagerly using more and more of the tools in my teaching. Blogs, podcasting, and more. The schedule and links to archived presentations is here. I have been following blogs of several of the presenters for some time now. While I do feel we get a bit carried away with technology (had these feeling decades ago when I was deeply part of the Logo subculture), much of it is really incredibly exciting. I’m having so much fun with podcasting right now and have plans to use other new tools this year (as well as give my students their own blogs come January as I did last year).


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