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Waiting for Lyra: Der Goldene Kompass Kino

I know German pretty well so enjoyed this dubbed trailer:

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Remembering Harry: Jim Dale Reading

Here’s Jim Dale reading at the Union Square Barnes & Noble Book Seven release party this past July.

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Terry Pratchett at Union Square Barnes & Noble

Just discovered that many of the authors who come to the Union Square Barnes & Noble are video taped and you can watched them on the web. I heard Terry Prachett there a few years back and he was wonderful. This time round I wasn’t able to go (mostly because I would have had to get there hours early, no doubt, to get in) and so was delighted to discover that you can see it all right here.


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Waiting for Lyra: Philip Pullman in the Big Apple

Tuesday, October 30th, 6:30.

“The Golden Compass: A Conversation with Philip Pullman” at the Times Center, 242 West 41st Street. The event is sold out, but according to the website: “Tickets may be available at the door the night of the event.”

Thursday, November 1st, 7 PM.

Appearance at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. (I’d get there early if I were you!) For those who can’t come it looks like you can watch it online here.

Friday, November 2nd.

Appearance on “Al’s Book Club” on the Today Show as their current book is The Golden Compass.

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