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Particles of Narrative Conference

When I saw the program for the Particles of Narrative conference (organized by Deirdre Baker) held this past weekend in Toronto I absolutely yearned to go. Philip Pullman, Megan Whalen Turner, Tim Wynne-Jones, Kenneth Oppel and more wonders all in one place? But then I came back to my real world — the one where I’m reading for Newbery, preparing for that huge NCTE Notable Books session in a couple of weeks, beginning to write narrative report cards (18 mini-essays), and…well…teach. So I was sensible and stayed home.

But all week-end I kept wondering about the conference and have been looking for reports on it. A few have popped up on child_lit and a few more came via email (Barbara Scotto and Betty Tisel– thanks!) and now I’ve found a report here. If anyone else went and is willing to report, please do in the comments. Or if anyone comes across any other media reports let us know too.


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