Waiting for Lyra: The Brad Pitt of Children’s Literature

Move aside all you wannabee hot men of children’s literature, here’s the man making many swoon these days. “Meeting Philip Pullman was my equivalent of meeting Brad Pitt, one-on-one. “commented Donna Freitas, a scholar of religion and co-author of Killing the Imposter God: Philip Pullman’s Spirtual Imagination in His Dark Materials, after interviewing him recently. Here is Donna’s heartfelt report on that experience. And here is her intelligent response to the controversy surrounding the religious ideas in the trilogy.


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One response to “Waiting for Lyra: The Brad Pitt of Children’s Literature

  1. Oh my, thank you for linking to her response on the controversy. I’m knee-deep in the South, and this is all very fascinating to me. I’ve personally had it with the two or three ban-this-movie forwards I’ve already received, and I think it’s only just begun. I’m considering an Open Letter to Anyone Considering Forwarding These Emails To Me at 7-Imp!


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