Waiting for Lyra: A Well-Done Pullman Profile

Here is, what seems to me, an even-handed profile of Philip Pullman. One reason for me is because it mentions the notebook paper. What notebook paper? you may ask. Well, years ago I started a thread on child_lit about procrastination devices and Philip mentioned the notebook paper — that he had to write on a particular paper that had two holes in it. When they stopped making the two-holed variety, he had to buy four-holed paper and cover two of the holes — doing that for hundreds of sheets of paper turned into a very nice procrastination device. (He said he would stop up all that paper and then it would be time for a cup of tea.) Sometime later I heard him speak at a convention; we met and he happily showed me the paper in question.

Profile: The devil in Philip Pullman – Telegraph


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  1. Good article. Thanks.


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