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Waiting for Lyra: More Intelligent Life

When Philip Pullman started his tale of two 12-year-olds, he thought it would appeal to a few clever kids and a few adults. So far “His Dark Materials” has sold 15 million copies. Robert Butler has lunch with the author …



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The Golden Compass Movie: Two Girls Lyra’s Age Weigh In

Last night I went to see the movie with two sixth graders (and one mother) who were big fans of the books and so, so excited to see it with me (as I was to see it with them). They had first read the books when they were in fourth grade with me (and one had been a huge fan, reading them multiple times). I was drained from a long day of parent conferences, but seeing the movie with these smart and energetic girls completely reinvigorated me. I need to see movies with them more often!

I recorded our conversations before the movie, right after it, and over dinner (in a classic NYC diner) a little later. We talked witches, bears (and bear doll-daemons), scary moments (notably the lone shack), comparisons to the Harry Potter movies, ‘Gyptians, special effects, acting, and the ending (a lot!). Since I think some kid perspectives are overdue what with all the hullabaloo from adults, here are a few snippets from our conversations:


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Waiting for Lyra: Philip Pullman in conversation on the BBC

Amid the media furor surrounding the release of the Hollywood blockbuster, The Golden Compass, author Philip Pullman took time out to chat to breakfast show presenter, Jeremy Sallis…

BBC – Cambridgeshire – Entertainment – The Golden Compass: Philip Pullman in conversation

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