The Golden Compass Movie: Two Girls Lyra’s Age Weigh In

Last night I went to see the movie with two sixth graders (and one mother) who were big fans of the books and so, so excited to see it with me (as I was to see it with them). They had first read the books when they were in fourth grade with me (and one had been a huge fan, reading them multiple times). I was drained from a long day of parent conferences, but seeing the movie with these smart and energetic girls completely reinvigorated me. I need to see movies with them more often!

I recorded our conversations before the movie, right after it, and over dinner (in a classic NYC diner) a little later. We talked witches, bears (and bear doll-daemons), scary moments (notably the lone shack), comparisons to the Harry Potter movies, ‘Gyptians, special effects, acting, and the ending (a lot!). Since I think some kid perspectives are overdue what with all the hullabaloo from adults, here are a few snippets from our conversations:


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2 responses to “The Golden Compass Movie: Two Girls Lyra’s Age Weigh In

  1. Cool! I can’t wait to see it!


  2. Thank you for sharing this.


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