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The Golden Compass Movie: The Official Movie Quiz Book

Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t seen the movie yet….

Knowing that the ending had been changed at the last minute I wondered if there were any bloopers in The Official Movie Quiz Book. Well, yeah. (Spoilers ahead. Last warning.)

Page 33, #14: What does the Bolvangar official give to the man who delivers Lyra to the Experimental Station?” (Answer on Page 129: “Several heavy coins.”)

Page 33, #20: Who is the man pictured with Roger (left)? (Answer on Page 129: “Asriel’s servant: Thorold.”)

Page 49, #16: What shocking news does the alethiometer give Lyra about Roger?(Answer on Page 132: “That Lord Asriel is going to hurt him.”)

Page 54, #18: Who does Lyra call to for help when she is carried off from the Gyptian camp? (Answer on Page 133: “Iorek Byrnison.”)

Page 65, #10: Where is Lyra going when she first travels in Lee Scoresby’s airship? (Answer on Page 135: “To Svalbard.”)

Page 79, #5: What instructions does Asriel give to his butler Thorold when Lyra and Roger arrive at his Svalbard prison? (Answer on Page 138: “To run a bath, prepare some food, and then let Roger go to bed.”)

Page 97, #16: Who gets thrown out of Lee Scoresby’s airship in the snowstorm? (Answer on Page 142: “Lyra and Pan.”)

Page 97, “17: What is visible in the sky, through the Aurora, when Lyra tracks down Lord Asriel? (Answer on Page 142: “a city.”)

Page 121, #16: What does Lord Asriel’s daemon hold in her mouth as Asriel prepares his machine? (Answer on Page 143: “Roger’s daemon, Salcilia.”)

Page 124, #17: What does Asriel do to Roger’s daemon? (I can’t bear to answer this one, but it is on Page 143.)



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INKHEART: The Official Trailer

Here it is on the movie’s official website.  Evidently just launched this weekend.  As I wrote before, I think it looks very promising!

(When we saw it in the theater on Friday my two young companions weren’t wild about the duct tape comment, but I got a kick out of it.)


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The Golden Compass Movie: A Question for Those Who Have Seen It


Where is Billy Costa’s daemon?


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