The Golden Compass Movie: The Official Movie Quiz Book

Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t seen the movie yet….

Knowing that the ending had been changed at the last minute I wondered if there were any bloopers in The Official Movie Quiz Book. Well, yeah. (Spoilers ahead. Last warning.)

Page 33, #14: What does the Bolvangar official give to the man who delivers Lyra to the Experimental Station?” (Answer on Page 129: “Several heavy coins.”)

Page 33, #20: Who is the man pictured with Roger (left)? (Answer on Page 129: “Asriel’s servant: Thorold.”)

Page 49, #16: What shocking news does the alethiometer give Lyra about Roger?(Answer on Page 132: “That Lord Asriel is going to hurt him.”)

Page 54, #18: Who does Lyra call to for help when she is carried off from the Gyptian camp? (Answer on Page 133: “Iorek Byrnison.”)

Page 65, #10: Where is Lyra going when she first travels in Lee Scoresby’s airship? (Answer on Page 135: “To Svalbard.”)

Page 79, #5: What instructions does Asriel give to his butler Thorold when Lyra and Roger arrive at his Svalbard prison? (Answer on Page 138: “To run a bath, prepare some food, and then let Roger go to bed.”)

Page 97, #16: Who gets thrown out of Lee Scoresby’s airship in the snowstorm? (Answer on Page 142: “Lyra and Pan.”)

Page 97, “17: What is visible in the sky, through the Aurora, when Lyra tracks down Lord Asriel? (Answer on Page 142: “a city.”)

Page 121, #16: What does Lord Asriel’s daemon hold in her mouth as Asriel prepares his machine? (Answer on Page 143: “Roger’s daemon, Salcilia.”)

Page 124, #17: What does Asriel do to Roger’s daemon? (I can’t bear to answer this one, but it is on Page 143.)



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8 responses to “The Golden Compass Movie: The Official Movie Quiz Book

  1. I wish they had chosen that ending… the people I went to see the movie with were all disappointed (including a person who had never read the books).


  2. I had a lengthy discussion with students about the books, the film, and the film compared to the books today. We had the omnibus edition on hand for reference. It was lovely.


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  4. postcoordinatebliss

    About p.49 #16 – WHAT?

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but how is it even remotely possible that they could have changed the plot to include the alethiometer telling Lyra that Asriel will hurt Roger? Doesn’t that completely miss the point? There are at least three points in the book when Lyra chooses not to ask the alethiometer about her father — either because she’s tired, or sure of herself, or it’s too difficult — and her betrayal is based completely on ignorance of Asriel’s intentions towards Roger or his method for opening the bridge.

    Gosh. I hope that’s one of the bloopers!


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  6. Good point about Lyra reading that Asriel is going to hurt Roger. Not in the movie, but not in the book either. So not a blooper An anomaly, perhaps?


  7. I’m sure it would have been after she’s already brought Roger to him.


  8. Haltiamieli

    Lyra’s call for help mentioned in “Page 54, #18” actually isn’t cut from the movie, it’s still there.


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