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Ethics in Book Reviewing Survey

Carlin Romano, Literary Critic at The Philadelphia Inquirer did a survey of book reviewers and came back with the following:

68.5 percent of book reviewers think anyone mentioned in a book’s acknowledgements should be barred from reviewing it.

64.9 percent think anyone who has written an unpaid blurb for a book should also be banned from writing a fuller review.

76.5 percent think it’s never ethical to review a book without reading the whole thing.

And 52 percent think it’s not okay for a book-review editor, in assigning books for review, to favor books by writers who also review regularly for that editor’s book section.

For the rest: CRITICAL MASS: Ethics in Book Reviewing Survey: The Results


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The Golden Compass Movie: Scripts

Like many fans, we’d always assumed that Stoppard’s draft must have been a work of genius, and that his replacement by Weitz surely doomed the project. Much to our surprise, upon reading the screenplays, we’re wrong. Had Stoppard’s screenplay been filmed, the movie would have been ponderous, a bit dull, and far too long. Weitz’s original script was actually great and makes us sad about the movie that could have been.

From “Where Did ‘The Golden Compass’ Go Astray? And Was Tom Stoppard’s Original Script a Masterpiece?”  — Vulture — Entertainment & Culture Blog — New York Magazine


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