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Lindsay Anderson’s “O Lucky Man!” Revisited

My favorite Lindsay Anderson film is If…. probably because it is about rebellious teens and I saw myself as one when I first saw it decades ago (and also developed an enormous crush on Malcolm Macdowell). Here’s my post upon learning that it was finally available on DVD. Anderson went on to do several more films about Mick. And now Edward Champion has begun a series on one of them: O Lucky Man! Revisited — Part One


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Poetry Stand

Poetry Stand

How a precocious group of high school poets
learned to provide verse on demand

By Douglas Goetsch

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Learning About Africa: Amistad Replica in Sierra Leone

When I lived and worked in Sierra Leone neither I nor those I taught knew anything about the Amistad story. In fact I first heard about it when the Spielberg film started to be mentioned, controversies and all. Soon after I attended a Friends of Sierra Leone meeting at Mystic Seaport and visited the just-finished replica of the Amistad. Since then the ship has traveled around and now it has made its way all the way to Sierra Leone. The accounts at the Amistad America site are very moving indeed. And here is a recent news report on the visit: BBC NEWS | Africa | Crowds flock to S Leone slave ship.

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