Caleb Crain on Reading

In a post this week Jenny Davidson commented on Caleb Crain’s New Yorker article, “Twilight of the Books” (as I have too) and also pointed readers to his blog, Steamboats Are Ruining Everything. In particular, Crain is providing additional information and reference information connected to his article in a series of posts. As of this writing he has done:

Notebook: Twilight of the Books

Are Americans Reading Less?

Are Americans Spending Less Money on Reading?



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2 responses to “Caleb Crain on Reading

  1. Monica, thanks for all those links. Very interesting. I’m still reading Crain’s NYer piece.

    I like that idea, too, of a blog’s supplying additional information and background on a magazine article. Cool.


  2. excellent article – I especially like the author’s juxtaposition of the experience of reading vs the experience of streaming media. This article should be required reading of every teacher in America. And parent.


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