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Living on Earth: Season of Light

In the cold doldrums of winter, spirits lag and sleepiness prevails. But the darkness that dominates the Northern Hemisphere this time of year creates the perfect setting for cozying up and listening to stories. This year the Living on Earth holiday special brings together tales from around the world to celebrate the season of light.

Three stories:

Celtic storyteller Mara Freeman tells the traditional story of “The Return of Bride” where the winter goddess tries to continue her frozen reign.

Heidi Dahlsveen shares the Norwegian folktale of Draugen, the evil spirit of the ocean.

Greek storyteller and musician Manya Maratou tells the story of a girl who arrives at the end of the world, the home of the sun.


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The Golden Compass Movie: Philip Pullman on ‘Story’ versus ‘literature’

Philip Pullman speaks up for the narrator and argues that ‘literature’ is what a film director must leave out when translating a ‘story’ into a movie.

Story’ versus ‘literature’ | Book club | Guardian Unlimited Books

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