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Thoughts on Newbery: My Wonderful Committee

My Committee was the BEST EVER (and I don’t care what anyone on any other committee says!). Here we are at the press conference. (I know others did much better taking photos and will post those too if they give me permission.)

That’s Cindy Lombardo (sitting) signing Bonnie Kunzel’s (standing) “Reserved for Newbery Committee” sheet. And beyond Cindy are Carol Edwards and Martha Parravano.

On the left are me, Nina Lindsay, Dean Schneider , and Victor Schill (sitting) with Maureen White and Luan Toth talking to them.

On the right are Kathy Isaacs, Michael Santangelo, Yolanda Bolden (sitting), and Barbara Jones-Clark (standing).

Tami Finley seem to be missing (although I think that is her arm next to Cindy), but I’ll get her in June for sure!


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