Hurray for Harriet!


One of my colleagues teaches Harriet the Spy and sends her students off to spy on ….other teachers like me! Fortunately, their write-ups are very nice indeed. I’m now used to seeing her kids peeking in my classroom door and taking notes. I haven’t seen many kids read the book on their own these days other than one of mine right now whose mother gave it to her and insisted she read it to the end. I just asked her how she liked it and she said she did. (High praise from a girl who doesn’t much like to read although she can perfectly well.)

With Harriet on my mind I was pleased to see KT Horning’s mention of today’s NPR feature: “Unapologetically Harriet, the Misfit Spy” in which she is interviewed. Rightly, for she also has a wonderful site devoted to Fitzhugh, Purple Socks and as well as a fabulous piece about Harriet in the January/February 2005 Horn Book, “On Spies and Purple Socks and Such.


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2 responses to “Hurray for Harriet!

  1. Danielle M

    What a wonderful idea for having students interact in their reading! I also love the idea of spying on teachers. Recently in my education classes we have mentioned the fact that teachers are often angered by outside intruders, such as a spy. Obviously, this was not how you felt, but it made me wonder why teachers sometimes feel upset when there is an outsider in their room. After all, whoever is looking in only means well. I suppose it would be reminiscent of the feelings one may feel while giving a speech. Of course I may feel fine while watching others give their speeches, and sit comfortable in my chair wondering how someone could be nervous. But then once I begin my speech, I understand their fear. By welcoming people into classrooms, like “spys,” I wonder if teachers would feel more pressure to be creative in their presentation and productive in their lesson plans.


  2. I love having classroom visitors. It is the best way to share what I do.


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