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In the Classroom: Kid Podcasts of Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!

Last Friday’s Literary Salon featured my students reading selections from the monologues and dialogues of Laura Amy Schlitz’s Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! For a few weeks beforehand I’d read them one or two a day during our morning meeting. Each child selected one, practiced at home, and then read it on Friday. Not only that — I recorded their readings, turned them into audio files, and yesterday the kids put them on their individual blogs as podcasts. Of course, they are not as polished as those of the Park School fifth graders for whom the pieces were originally written, but my students had fun with them and performed them ably. Do have a look, a listen, and comment if you are so inclined. (They are very eager for comments!)

HUGO, the lord’s nephew

TAGGOT, the blacksmith’s daughter

ALICE, the shepherdess

THOMAS, the doctor’s son

MOGG, the villein’s daughter

OTHO, the miller’s son

SIMON, the knight’s son

EDGAR, the falconer’s son

ISOBEL, the lord’s daughter

BARBARY, the mudslinger

JACOB BEN SALOMON, the moneylender’s son and PETRONELLA, the merchant’s daughter

PASK, the runaway

PIERS, the glassblower’s apprentice

MARIOT and MAUD, the glassblower’s daughters

NELLY, the sniggler

Drogo, the tanner’s apprenticeĀ 

GILES, the beggar



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