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NYMag’s Vulture Goes Back in Time to Critique the ‘Esquire’ Heath Ledger Story

The Times reports today that Esquire‘s “The Last Days of Heath Ledger,” a piece of “reported fiction,” came about when editor David Granger assigned “aspiring fiction writer” Lisa Taddeo to suss out what happened to the late actor in his final hours. Now that the final product is online, we thought we’d have some other aspiring fiction writers take a look and see if they can’t offer Taddeo some constructive criticism. So we made fourteen photocopies, hopped in our time machine, and brought back the members of our 1995 undergraduate fiction workshop to take a look. After we explained who Heath Ledger was, they were happy to offer some critiques. Their advice? Show, don’t tell!

Our Undergrad Fiction Workshop Critiques the ‘Esquire’ Heath Ledger Story — Vulture — Entertainment & Culture Blog — New York Magazine


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