Reading Mary Lee’s review of Everywhere the Cow Says “Moo!” inspired me to track down a most wonderful site I’d first come across a few years ago: bzzzpeek. Its creators are collecting sound recordings of native speakers from around the world (most sound like children to me) imitating the sounds of animals and vehicles.

The site is nicely designed so that young children can easily use it. Once you enter you will be at a page with a border of animal shapes. Click on any of the animals and you will come to a new page with that animal shape tiled across, each representing a particular country by flag design. As of this writing people from the following countries have submitted sound recordings for the site: UK, France, Spain, China, Arab League, Greece, Columbia, USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, South Korea, Poland, Croatia, Italy, and India.

To learn more about the site you can listen to an NPR interview with its creators, Agathe Jacquillat and Tomi Vollauschek, at “A World of Animal Noises Online at Bzzzpeek.”




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2 responses to “Bzzzpeek

  1. Way cool! I’ll edit my post and point people over here so they can check this out. Great connection!!


  2. KT Horning

    Thanks for the link, Monica. It’s fun to hear the variety, but I guess a moo is a moo in any language


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