Old Movies for Kids: Danny Kaye

I grew up with Danny Kaye singing, “Mommy, I Want a Drink of Water” and movies like the delightful Court Jester from which this hysterical clip is from (and thanks to Camille for reminding me of this too):


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2 responses to “Old Movies for Kids: Danny Kaye

  1. Oh, Monica, you’re making me swooooon with your new Old Movies for Kids series. As the mother of a child who actually knows who Gene Kelly is, I think there’s so much to be said for introducing kids to the classics. Not to mention that, with the onslaught of “High School Musical”, kids appreciate musicals more than ever. And how brilliantly funny is Danny Kaye?


  2. The Court Jester is one of my favorite all-time movies. My siblings and I used to have tears rolling down our face during this scene. Thanks for posting it!


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