Remembering Harry: Muggle Quidditch

Just came back from watching a game of Quidditch between Middlebury and Columbia Colleges here in NYC. Lots of college kids running around with brooms between their legs while one in bright yellow (the Snitch evidently) ran all about chased by, what else?, two Seekers. According to this news release:

In 2005, students at Middlebury created earth-bound rules for the famous sport depicted in the Harry Potter novels. Since then it has grown into a major phenomenon at the college, with more than 400 students playing in the Middlebury league. The club created a Facebook page called the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association to spread the word and standardize the rules. It now has nearly 65 member colleges from across the country.

Looked like a mixture of tag, rugby, dodge ball, and a few other of the rougher sports. I got a kick out of those very athletic kids always keeping the brooms between their legs (one of the rules) and that lanky bright yellow Snitch dashing about. Here’s a USA Today article about the burgeoning sport and a Middlebury student documentary about it:



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3 responses to “Remembering Harry: Muggle Quidditch

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  3. Thanks for this, Monica! Great! I already mentioned and linked it in my blog (see comment 2) – we Germans love Quidditich, too ;)

    Found your blog via Neil Gaiman’s, by the way. I adore the Graveyard Book murals your kids did!


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