Slavery Today

A slave is a human being who is forced to work through fraud or threat of violence for no pay beyond subsistence. Agreed? Good. You may have thought you missed your chance to own a slave. Maybe you imagined that slavery died along with the 360,000 Union soldiers whose blood fertilized the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment. Perhaps you assumed that there was meaning behind the dozen international conventions banning the slave trade, or that the deaths of 30 million people in world wars had spread freedom across the globe.

But you’re in luck. By our mere definition, you are living at a time when there are more slaves than at any point in history.

That is from Benjamin Skinner’s A Crime So Montrous, on modern-day slavery. You can read more of the excerpt as well as listen to an interview with Skinner here. There is also another excellent extensive interview with him by Hannah Wallace here.

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  1. betty

    Thank you Monica, esp for including the NPR and other links.

    In addition to the types of slavery that Skinner describes, it seems to me that the people who spend their lives working for ridiculously low wages, while exposed to whatever toxic chemicals, in order to produce the junk that fills the aisles of so many stores from dollar stores on up, to me that is little better than slavery as well. Another devaluing of a life – the life of the factory worker – in order to create stuff that no one needs. It’s insane.


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