Oh, Ramona!

Everyone’s favorite little sister, Ramona Quimby, is about to confront a very modern issue in her latest book — and her publisher couldn’t be happier.

“Ramona ‘the Pest’ Quimby has entertained generations of young readers with her charming adventures,” declared publisher Russell Leaf. “But today’s kids yearn for something a little more edgy than Ramona locking Henry Huggins in his clubhouse or misunderstanding the words of the national anthem.”

Read the rest at: Collecting Children’s Books: A Disturbing Article from Today’s Newspaper


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7 responses to “Oh, Ramona!

  1. One word: Crazy. They really don’t need to do that. People love the Ramona books because they don’t have edge.


  2. Oh my gosh. I am so forgetful! I totally did not make the connection… must have been because I got like four hours of sleep last night. I’m so gullible!


  3. That’s awesome! That’s how kid litters (wha?) do April Fool’s Day!


  4. that’s hiliarious! It had me for a minute…


  5. Well done!

    My first thought after reading it was that more likely sometime soon, and not for April Fool’s either, will be a picture book from Britney Spears’s younger sister. Feh…


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