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Dyslexia Differs by Language

April 8, 2008 — Dyslexia affects different parts of children’s brains depending on whether they are raised reading English or Chinese. That finding, reported in Monday’s online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, means that therapists may need to seek different methods of assisting dyslexic children from different cultures.

“This finding was very surprising to us. We had not ever thought that dyslexics’ brains are different for children who read in English and Chinese,” said lead author Li-Hai Tan, a professor of linguistics and brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Hong Kong. “Our finding yields neurobiological clues to the cause of dyslexia.”

Dyslexia Differs by Language: Discovery Channe

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The Blog of a Young Girl

While political bloggers may claim the spotlight and the big audiences, girls quietly outnumber them – and their presence is growing. The dramatic increase in the proportion of teenage Internet users with blogs – from 19 percent in late 2004 to 28 percent two years later – is propelled almost entirely by girls, according to a recent report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Indeed, 35 percent of teenage girls in the United States blog, Pew finds, and they account for nearly two-thirds of all teen bloggers. Other researchers have declared the teenage girl the typical blogger.

Dear blog… – The Boston Globe

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