Alice Illustrators other than Tenniel

Alice Illustrations other than Tenniel – Hugo Strikes Back! I’m not quite clear who Hugo is and why he is striking back but this wiki is incredible — links to more Alice illustrators than I knew existed (many NOT NOT for children — or me, for that matter). Here are just a few of my new and old favorites (of those less familiar to most):

Adrienne Segur

(I saw Lewis Carroll Society Mark Richard’s copy years ago and have dreamed of owning my own ever since.)

Gorohovsky Edward Semyonovich

Josee Bisaillo

Lydia Shulgin

(Has a Peter Sis feel to it, doesn’t it?)

Tove Jansson

(Another I already knew and desperately want.)

Vladislav Erk



(The tree makes me think of Ferdinand’s)


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3 responses to “Alice Illustrators other than Tenniel

  1. Thanks for this, Monica – I’ve linked back to you on my site.
    Do you know the Simply Read edition – Iassen Ghiuselev. So lovely. They did a poster too and it’s fantastic.


  2. Yes, I have that edition — it is lovely!


  3. I have the Tove Jansson in my collection, and it’s one of my favourites. The Court cards are based on the Lewis chess pieces- you can see all the illustrations here:
    My collection is mainly new versions rather than new illustrations, but they’re so much harder to track down!


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