Want a Cuddly Iorek?

Look no further. Walmark has packaged this little cutie with The Golden Compass DVD released today. Together for just $19.96!

What’s that you say? Iorek isn’t suppose to be cute? Or cuddly?

Who cares; it is a Beanie Baby, a collectible!



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6 responses to “Want a Cuddly Iorek?

  1. Wow. Congrats to walmart for such a great offer. That is remarkably dumb. It’s almost impressive that someone could come up with an idea that dumb.


  2. betty

    that is just pathetic

    but good for a laugh


  3. Hehe. Yeah, not how I visualized him at all.


  4. hope

    Sam Riddleberger, I think, complained about Barnes and Noble marketing the movie to the way-too-young via a fluffy stuffed Iorek. “Here kiddies, come see THIS movie, BWAAHHAAHHAAH!”


  5. Now, now. We were all babies once. Iorek too, no doubt. Maybe Pullman will write up some more prequels — set much farther back than Once Upon a Time in the North. Whaddaya think?


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