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hey people! gossip girl here

Not really, but close. Literally really close.

So I was walking to school today, through Central Park as usual, but when I came out at 90th and Fifth I saw a bunch of trailers, lights, and a crowd. Now we see them filming around New York all the time. Many of us have dealt with situations on our streets, in our buildings, and more. (They filmed Madonna and a cougar on my block, if you want to know, and wouldn’t let me out my door.) But there were a bunch of squealing girls here.


Those chairs are for certain members of that hot show, Gossip Girl. I laughed and a 4th and 5th grader also on their way to my school looked at me puzzled. Once I explained they nodded and went on, not interested at all. Not the right age or, in one case, gender. to be interested. These, on the other hand were:

They waited for Serena, I mean Blake Lively to emerge.

Soon she did (with a teeny little dog clutched to her chest) and they followed her (escorted by the quintessential burly security guard) as she walked to Madison and up the steps of another trailer where she posed with the rabble of private school girls before leaving. The guard suggested they go to school. I laughed and said I had to get to school too. (My camera died so no snaps of this, I’m afraid. Check gawker.)

Ah, just another day in the Big Apple.


you know you love me.


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